About Us

MirageId was founded on the belief that individuals and businesses should be free to operate on the web without being monitored and tracked against their will. Companies should be free to operate in the way that best benefits their business - without interference by large corporations that do not have their best interests in mind.

Your Identity. Your Business.

Our Leadership Team

Dan Steen
Dan Steen

Founder & CTO

Daniel Steen, co-founder and Chief Technology Officer of MirageID, spent years in the online advertising industry developing user tracking solutions for better targeted advertising. His experiences there demonstrated the need for protection against such tracking systems, and directly led him to found MirageID.

Zev Steen
Zev Steen

Founder & CEO

Zev Steen, co-founder and CEO of MirageID, has sold on online marketplaces since their early beginnings, and sells numerous products across many different categories. A mentor for TJE, Zev guides new and experienced entrepreneurs in growing and developing their online businesses, and continues to lecture on that topic.

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