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Blazing Fast

So fast you won't even know that your traffic is being encrypted. Often faster than your regular browser.


Deep Security

Our Browser sits between your computer and the sites you visit so you can be certain no identifying information is being leaked.


Custom Locations

Choose any of our supported locations to make your traffic appear to come from from different cities or countries.

Simple to use

Just launch the MirageID Secure Browser, choose an Identity, and you are ready to go. No need to manage complicated ISP setups, VPNs, virtual machines, or IP addresses. All the security and isolation you need is built into our browser - so you can be assured that you are safe and protected every time you are online.


Easy Installation

Installs on your computer like any desktop application

Always on

No need to worry about whether you are secure or not. With the MirageID Browser you are always secure. All the time.

One-Click Access

Switch between your logins with a click of the mouse. Fast and simple. No mistakes. No complicated setup.


Deep Security

The MirageID Secure Browser sits between your computer and the websites you visit ensuring that no identifying information is leaked. Our software masks all currently used tracking mechanisms including fingerprints, biometrics, and IP addresses as well as a host of other advanced tracking techniques. We constantly add new protections as technology advances.

Fingerprint Masking

Both hardware and software fingerprints are masked to ensure tracking protection

Dedicated IPs

Dedicated IP addresses unique to each Identity. Only you use your IPs.

State of the Art Security

Our security experts ensure that all protections remain effective, and add new protections as technology advances

Print and save files straight to your desktop

The MirageID Secure Browser runs on your desktop. You can print to all your local printers, and save files directly to your local computer - all while still staying secure. No more emailing files around to accomplish the simplest tasks.


Local Printer Access

Print directly from the browser to any printer available to your computer

Direct File Access

Upload and download to websites from any file on your computer. No need to email or transfer files first.


Unlimited Simultaneous Users

The MirageID Secure Browser allows an unlimited number of users at the same time. You no longer need to worry about logging out of virtual machines, interfering with someone elses work, or running out of connections. All of your employees can access whatever they need to do their work - at the same time.

User Management

Create accounts for all of your employees. As many as you need.

Flexible Permissions

Keep your accounts secure by granting users access only to the logins that they need.

Unlimited Installs

Install the MirageID Secure Browser on all of your computers.

Grant Access without Giving out Your Passwords

With the MirageID Secure Browser your employees can access your accounts without being given the passwords. Just save your logins in our password manager, and those credentials will be automatically filled in without revealing the password. Grant access to your accounts while still keeping them safe.


Identity-Aware Password Management

No more risk of mistakes. Passwords are auto-filled based on the set of logins you are currently using.

OTP Sync

Sync OTP between computers. Enter your OTP once and it's shared with all allowed users. No more annoying texts.

Share Passwords Securely

Grant your users access to your logins without giving them your passwords.

Other Great features

1,000,000+ Clean IPs

Not listed on any block lists

Self Service Accounts

Create unlimited new login sets in seconds

Disposable Identities

Create a new identity whenever you need one

Light Weight

Won't slow down your computer

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